Why Choose Us

Our “Secret Sauce”

Elevate Coaching methodology is a blend of time tested coaching techniques and the latest cognitive and behavioral science. We also incorporate the latest trends in breathing techniques, mindfulness and nutrition advices to ensure that we offer an holistic approach to your needs.


Acknowledge who you are, what you believe in, your values and principles, identify what you like and dislike, your motivational drivers, the type of people you like to work with, define your life goals and future legacy.


You are unique. And it must show. Validate your skills, competencies and achievements. Revamp your CV and your LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd. And so much more.


Define your life and career goals. Design winning strategies. Grow and nurture a network of super stars willing to vouch for you. Ace the interviews and the negotiations and land your dream job.

Science-based Coaching

Leveraging on the latest behavioral and cognitive research as well as on time – tested coaching methods, we support our Clients with a wide array of tools for them to achieve their goals.

Goals & Results-driven Coaching

Coaching for Performance by Sir John Whitmore is our reference manual. We are experts in the GROW model and our Clients quickly realize how to benefit from it.

Proven track record

Together Elevate Coaches bring to you decades of experience across all industries and functions. Thousands of Executives have benefited from our advices and coaching programs to grow their career and achieve their dreams.

Talent Acquisition Expert

Elevate Coaches have a strong background in Executive Search, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. They offer you a unique understanding to the recruitment process challenges and dynamics. You will b surprised how much a difference it makes when you are properly prepped for your interviews.

ICF Certified

Certification is not a magic bullet. And yet, we are proud to be part of the International Coach Federation (ICF) family, the industry gold standard. It guarantees you the best practices and the highest code of ethics.

“Committed to your success”

Elevate Coaching solutions have been designed with you in mind from the beginning until the end. We have have left no stone unturned. We have conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with Executives to understand their needs and expectations. Experience it yourself. Just get started.