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by Cyrille

A Career coaching program for Executives and Entrepreneurs




Hi! I'm

Coach Cyrille

I am the Founder of Elevate Management & Services Ltd, a Hong Kong-based Company supporting Executives, Entrepreneurs and Coaches worldwide.

At the heart of the Recruitment and Talent Acquisition process for the past 20 + years, I have supported thousands of successful Executives to land their dream jobs and to achieve their dreams.

You are more than just a resume.

Through personalized career coaching and tools, ELEVATE accelerates your career, one goal, one action, and one breakthrough at a time.

How can we help?

Our coaches and tools can help you discover what career and life success means to you. But first things first, let’s find out what brings you here today.

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Your Challenges

I am looking for a new job.

Yet I don’t know where to start. It has been ages since I applied for a job, sent a resume and went through an interview process. My exceptional track record and expertise may be jeopardized by my lack of understanding of the recruitment process. Help me land my dream job.

I want to boost my career.

It has been a few years since my latest promotion and I fear that my career may have reached a plateau. And yet, I feel I still have plenty of energy to share and tons of drive to contribute greatly to my current employer or eventually a new one. Help me unstuck myself.

I want a better work/life balance.

Yes. Work is important to me but I realize it is not everything. There is more to my life than just my colleagues and business objectives. I have passions I would like to explore and new priorities I would like to commit to. Help me find the “right” balance.

What are Clients say about us

Always ON Coaching

After more than 20 years in my current Company and after more than 5 years in my current role, I felt stuck. My family and I badly wanted a change. Like everyone else, I was busy running a large country subsidiary and I was unable to find the time to engage with my network and to create opportunities for myself. Coach Cyrille’s unlimited Coaching plan was just what I needed. In addition to our weekly coaching sessions, I was always able to reach out to him at any time to clarify things and to discuss with him about a situation. If you still believe you can do it on your own just think twice and call to Coach Cyrille to explore how he can support you for your next move.

Master the Inner Game

After more than 10 years with the same Company and more than 7 years in the same role, I had settled into a dangerous comfort zone. I had grown complacent. And eventually my employer decided to terminate me and to replace me with someone younger and cheaper. I did not know where to start. Nor how to start. I had plenty of time to work on my CV and LinkedIn profile but I quickly realized I did not understand the whole job search game. I am glad I decided to work with Cyrille. Cyrille's method is inspired by more than 20 years in the Executive Search industry. He understands the hidden mechanism of the talent acquisition process. Within months, I had landed a new contract. If I have only recommendation to give: just call Cyrille and see how he can help you achieve what you want.

Top Personal Branding

After a successful career in Branding and Marketing in the travel and hospitality industry, a few years ago, I decided to become an entrepreneur and invested all my time, energy and gold into what was supposed to be the greatest idea of all time. My entrepreneur dreams eventually crashed. I was running out of cash. And it was urgent I could get back into the corporate world. Working with Cyrille was the best decision I made in a long time. He opened my eyes of what were my true assets in a challenging labour market. Most importantly, Cyrille prepped me like no one else could have for the most important interviews in my life. Of course, at the end of the day, you alone is responsible for your own success. Please take my advice, work with Coach Cyrille. You will not regret it.

Our Solutions

Performance coaching for life-long results

Elevate brings to you years of experience in business management, entrepreneurship, executive search, talent acquisition, coaching, mentoring and consulting. Our coaching methods are  supported by years of research and a proven track record across thousands of individual success stories over the past 20 + years.

Career Coaching

At Elevate, Career Coaching is why most Clients come to talk to us. Remember, the grass is not necessarily greener in another company. We support you to explore opportunities both within your current organization and outside. We make sure you eventually have the choice to make the best decision for yourself.

Job Search Coaching

Looking for a new job is hard. It is lonely and being constantly rejected can take its toll even on the most resilient individuals. We help you to make the most of your available time. We ensure that no stone is left unturned. We accompany you at every step of your job search until you land your dream job.

Personal Branding Coaching

Personal Branding is not only for the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies. You too deserve to have a strong personal brand build upon your core values, your competencies and your achievements. A strong personal brand is often the difference between failure and success when reaching the next stage of your career.

Executive Coaching

Most companies today offer Executive Coaching to the employees one way or an other. Unfortunately, their one size fits all coaching offer is not necessarily what you need. If confidentiality is your number 1 priority you are better off paying for the support you need yourself. There is no free lunch.

Leadership Coaching

Peter’s principle – where people get eventually promoted to their level of incompetence – remains valid. And yet, it shall not a fatality. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of Executives to successfully stretch themselves into their new role. And eventually be ready for the next move.

Interview Coaching

Most candidates struggle during the interview process. And it is not necessarily for lack of preparation. But a lack of understanding of what the interviewer expects from such a “classique” selection technique. Preparation and a clear idea of the interview drivers will go a long way toward landing your dream job.

What our Clients say about us

"At first, I was not sure whether a group coaching workshop would work for me. Of course, we all have our very own challenges and I was not ready to share a number of them with total strangers. Very quickly though, Coach Cyrille made everyone feel very comfortable, stressing the importance of respecting everyone’s privacy and confidentiality of all matters discussed during the workshop. Attending the “Your Career by Design” workshop was actually a great opportunity to learn from the other participants' experiences and to make progress on my own journey. Follow Coach Cyrille’s LinkedIn posts and keep an eye open for the upcoming workshops about Personal Branding and Job Search strategies."
"After an unsuccessful and frustrating experience with an outplacement firm in Paris, I am forever thankful to have met Coach Cyrille along my job search journey. Over the months, through weekly coaching sessions and intense personal “homework”, I have made tremendous progress, gaining absolute clarity on my professional and personal goals and now articulating a meaningful and unique value proposition. New opportunities come up every week and it is only a matter of time before I land my dream job. I strongly encourage you to sign-up for the upcoming webinars on Personal Branding and Job Search strategies. Clearly, those workshops are no substitute for one-to-one coaching by they will definitely get you started."
"Currently, in between jobs, Coach Cyrille was kind enough to invite me to attend his Future-proof Your Career webinars series. I am thankful for the opportunity and I now fully realize the efforts it takes to be ready to land a new job when approaching 50. Especially, when you never had to look for a job since you graduated from university. Thank you Cyrille for the invitation. Much appreciated."

Why Choose Us

Our “Secret Sauce”

Elevate Coaching methodology is a blend of time tested coaching techniques and the latest cognitive and behavioral science. We also incorporate the latest trends in breathing techniques, mindfulness and nutrition advices to ensure that we offer an holistic approach to your needs.


Acknowledge who you are, what you believe in, your values and principles, identify what you like and dislike, your motivational drivers, the type of people you like to work with, define your life goals and future legacy.


You are unique. And it must show. Validate your skills, competencies and achievements. Revamp your CV and your LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd. And so much more.


Define your life and career goals. Design winning strategies. Grow and nurture a network of super stars willing to vouch for you. Ace the interviews and the negotiations and land your dream job.

Science-based Coaching

Leveraging on the latest behavioral and cognitive research as well as on time – tested coaching methods, we support our Clients with a wide array of tools for them to achieve their goals.

Goals & Results-driven Coaching

Coaching for Performance by Sir John Whitmore is our reference manual. We are experts in the GROW model and our Clients quickly realize how to benefit from it.

Proven track record

Together Elevate Coaches bring to you decades of experience across all industries and functions. Thousands of Executives have benefited from our advices and coaching programs to grow their career and achieve their dreams.

Talent Acquisition Expert

Elevate Coaches have a strong background in Executive Search, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. They offer you a unique understanding to the recruitment process challenges and dynamics. You will b surprised how much a difference it makes when you are properly prepped for your interviews.

ICF Certified

Certification is not a magic bullet. And yet, we are proud to be part of the International Coach Federation (ICF) family, the industry gold standard. It guarantees you the best practices and the highest code of ethics.

“Committed to your success”

Elevate Coaching solutions have been designed with you in mind from the beginning until the end. We have have left no stone unturned. We have conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with Executives to understand their needs and expectations. Experience it yourself. Just get started.

What our Clients say about us

"3 years after landing in Hong Kong and ensuring that the whole family has settled down nicely it was time to start taking care of myself and relaunching an ever-successful marketing career in the luxury and fashion industries. And yet, today’s world and my awareness of the environmental challenges we are facing encourage me to reassess my priorities in life and my “WHY”. Coach Cyrille’s workshop “Your Career by Design” was a great way to get started. It is very structured, offers you plenty of meaningful exercises and tools, and gives you the opportunity to share experiences with and to learn from the other participants. Get in touch with Coach Cyrille if only for a quick chat to discuss with him what would be the best options for you."
"Working in the aeronautics industry and supporting airlines for the past 20 years, you can easily imagine how tough and uncertain my professional situation is today. The very “survival” of a whole industry is at stake. Attending Coach Cyrille’s workshop was a massive positive energy booster. It is nice to see that I am not alone struggling to reboot and relaunch my career. It is encouraging to see others making progress. Why not me. Clearly, it is not a walk in the park. But I could think of no one else but Cyrille to make this treacherous journey towards my next dream job. Thank you Coach Cyrille for your support and positive energy."
"To be frank I was getting restless. I had abandoned a successful career as an in-house Legal Counsel to accompany my husband's professional move to Hong Kong and I could not see myself as a for-ever house mum. Starting the Career Coaching by Cyrille program is a bit like seating on a space shuttle taking off to another planet. I admit it can be overwhelming with so many new tools to discover and new concepts and ideas to explore. And yet, within days, I realize I had made the right decision. Coach Cyrille has decades of hands-on experience in headhunting and career coaching. Instantly, a confusing situation becomes self-evident. Clarity is what to do next comes naturally. Of course, sometimes, it goes against what you have believed to be true forever. You just have to trust the system, trust the Coach, and as Cyrille often says “trust yourself”."